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There are many reality TV options to watch these days and several Black families in a crowded TV landscape. If you can remember back to the days when there were only three major channels and Black folks were few and far between, you can appreciate all the exposure various types of Black families get these days. A new entry into the reality scene are North Carolina’s Rucker sisters.

Three gorgeous, accomplished sisters – two of whom married NBA players and one of who married a dentist and is herself a former lawyer, are no extensions of their men. They are independent, educated, complicated and funny women all on their own. Meet Ruby Rucker, the oldest, Ione Rucker, the youngest and Ellen Rucker Carter, whose show Love Thy Sister debuted on WeTV in January.

OK, so it’s the usual reality TV scenarios of course, with all the conflict and drama that applies, but with a few interesting twists – all of the women are successful and Ione is grappling with the fact that her once best male friend is now a woman. Read on for more about The Rucker Sisters.

Now that your show has been on, how are people receiving it?

Ruby: We’ve had a great response. A lot of people have been supportive of the show, people have been tweeting, we’ve been interviewed for blogs and radio, we’ve gotten a really good response. But what has the adjustment been like for you? Ione: A lot of people have been recognizing me at the grocery stores and at restaurants so it’s been really neat to see that people are watching and recognizing us. We’re getting a lot of love and we’re people people so it’s been a neat experience for us.

What made you guys want to do a reality show and did you consider that it might become intrusive? People on social media can be very supportive, but they can be very nasty as well.

Ruby: I think I’m taking the biggest hit for people saying that my daughter using profanity on the show. You have to have a tough skin and you have to be secure with who you are and what you are. I know that I’m raising my children in a wonderful way to be God-fearing so you just have to be secure in all your roles as a mother, wife and sister.

Ruby, you and your husband have been having financial issues that are being dealt with on the show? You’ve had to have some family come and live with you. 

Yes, on the show my aunts were living with me full-time. My husband and I are still dealing with a financial struggle. We got hit really, really hard. My husband had a great prosperous business [he’s an orthodontist] and when the economy tanked, we got hit really hard. But just like America, we’re bouncing back slowly.

 Ruby, talk about being intrusive. You showed you and your husband trying to find some privacy to be intimate with all the people living in your house. Were you embarrassed at all by the scene that shows you and your hubby trying to get together? It’s think it’s hard when you have other people living in your house and you have kids. We’ve been married 16 years and I really try to keep the spice in our marriage. I think that’s important. My husband’s very good-looking and women are always coming after him. I think as a wife, and maybe its’ antiquated thinking, but I think that’s what you have to do. I’m proud and OK that I showed a loving Black couple on TV.

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