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As the clock struck midnight and we welcomed in 2015, chances are you are one of the 66% of Americans who make a resolution to get fit.

Unfortunately, 73% of people who make fitness related resolutions will give up before meeting their goals, according to a Harris Interactive study conducted on behalf of Survey respondents cited a number of reasons prohibiting them from achieving their fitness goals.

  • 42% give up because it’s too difficult to follow a diet or workout regimen
  • 38% say it’s too hard to get back on track after once they’ve fallen off
  • 36% say it’s hard to find time

With the right information and motivation you can finally achieve your goals. Here are some top tips to keep you in it to win it:

    • Be Goal Driven – Goals push you, but they often seem so far away. Bring them closer by setting a smaller and specific, achievable goal.
    • Review Your Goals Often – You’ve decided that this time 2015 is your year, but you’ve found life often gets in the way. Break the cycle, make reviewing goals a priority.
    • Don’t Let Negativity Bring You Down – Just when you start to feel your best, something always brings you down. Tempting you with treats, or to skipping a workout. Sometimes friends can put your down for your new physique. It is often hard for those close to us to embrace these types of changes. Remember where and why you’ve started, stay focused.
    • Make Your Health Bigger Than You- Finding time to go to the gym can be nearly impossible at times, especially those are precious hours you could be spending with your family. Working out doesn’t only improve your life, it positively affects the whole family.
    • Eliminate Self-Doubt – Everyone has that little voice that wonders whether or not you can do something. Our biggest fear is often failure. Start giving yourself positive affirmations to defeat the anxiety from within.


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