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There’s a gender gap everywhere–from corner offices to street corners, women are often faced with not having the same value as men, thus we get paid less and generally get less respect. The gender inequality is painfully apparent in sports. Basketball legend Lisa Leslie paid us a visit and explained that women in the WNBA do make way less than men in the NBA. “You have to not compare the WBNA of the NBA today. You have to look at the WNBA as 50 years behind the NBA,” Leslie explained.

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Yes there is a pay gap, but she’s more concerned with the pay gap between women in the United States versus other countries. Leslie said, “If you go overseas and play, a lot of the women get paid $250,000 up to $700-$800,000 or a million. There’s a huge disparity in the amount of money that professional women basketball women make in our country versus other countries and that’s what I would like to compare it to. It would be great if we could get our numbers to equal what they pay people in Russia have paid myself and other players, that would be more ideal with me.”

Nothing’s going to stop Leslie from making her coins. And the best thing about her is that she’s making history while doing it. She’s a part of the hosting panel of a new CBS sports talk show, “We Need To Talk.” Leslie smiled when she mentioned the show, “Here we are, the first-ever all female sports cast group, doing a sports talk show, it’s not only groundbreaking, but we surprise a lot of men too!” The show has 12 female hosts, who rotate and each week three of the beautiful women talk sports. “I love being a role model more than anything else,” Leslie said.

Check out our chat with Lisa about her amazing show and what can be done to close the gender gap in sports.


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