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Jaris Hayden, a former corrections officer is Ferguson, Missouri has been accused of raping a pregnant inmate (about three months) and allowed her to escape from jail in exchange for sexual acts. The 29-year-old former officer is facing four criminal charges, including two counts of having sexual contact with a prisoner, one count of permitting escape from custody and one count of acceding to corruption by a public servant, according to St. Louis County court records.

Reuters is reporting that a federal lawsuit has been launched, and the officer Jaris Hayden, has been so far released on $10,000 bail. The victim is being referred to as JW and she claims that Hayden frequently sexually harassed her before he raped her. When he initially took her into custody, JW was visibily pregnant and Hayden said he told her, “You smell good” and “This will teach you a lesson.”

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In the legal documents obtained by the Huffington Post, JW was arrested last October after police stopped her for an expired license plate, and she also gave the officers a false name.

When in the cell, JW was crying and begged to let her go home. Hayden allegedly said to her that she was “the kind of girl who would get me in trouble” and took the her to the boiler room, unbuttoning his pants and told the victim that they were to have oral sex. According to the report, Hayden bent JW over and told her that he was going to “have intercourse with her.” JW very cleverly managed to grab a few of Hayden’s pubic hairs while he assaulted her and a DNA test confirmed that it was indeed Hayden’s. After Hayden raped JW, he allegedly told her to escape and “stay close to the building” to avoid CCTV cameras.

JW s suing for several damages including “fear of police,” “anxiety over sex” and “mental suffering, USA Today reported. The suit also mentioned the overall police brutality issue in Ferguson, which includes the recent shooting death of unarmed teen, Michael Brown. “Jailers may not have sexual relations with inmates – period,” said Bevis Schock, the alleged rape victim’s attorney. “There are other incidents in the city of Ferguson that would lead one to believe that there is inadequate supervision and that there is a pattern of violence. I’ve got some evidence.”

Hayden will have to appear in court on December 3, 2014. His attorney, Scott Rosenblum says that he will plead not guilty to the charges. “At that point, we will start receiving the discovery and evidence and we will start responding to that,” Rosenblum said. “He is looking forward to defending himself in court.” Well, we guess it’s fair to hear Hayden’s side of the story as well. SMH. This is a classic case of a man asserting his authority and power over a woman who was desperate to get out of jail. The only people who know what happened in that cell are JW and Hayden. Here’s hoping the jury uncovers the truth.


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