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Samira Wiley of “Orange Is The New Black” served up her best Josephine Baker in “Out” magazine!

Fans of the Netflix original series gobbled up all of season 2 when it came out this summer, and Poussey was undoubtedly the break-out inmate of the cycle. Viewers got to go more into her heartbreaking storyline and see her stand by her convictions as nearly all of her friends fell in with V.

“In figuring out her arc during season 2,” Samira told “Out” magazine, “I didn’t realize how big she was until the end of it, looking back and thinking, ‘Huh. She’s kind of the hero.’”

Millions of viewers would agree with that assessment because absolutely fell in love with Samira, both as herself and Poussey. “After the first season, my life definitely changed, But after the second season, I feel like it’s changed ten-fold,” said Samira, who will be gracing one of the covers for the “Out100″ 20th Anniversary Issue. We’d say her new magazine feature is definitely a sign of change!

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All this love has been a long-time coming for the Julliard-trained actress. Samira was bitten by the acting bug pretty early on in her life. She recalls immediately being moved by the power of performance during her days in grade school.

“I remember it so vividly,” Wiley says. “There was this girl who went to my school, and she did a Nikki Giovanni poem, ‘Ego Tripping,’ and it was just different from everyone else’s. It wasn’t flat recitation. It had an energy and a life to it. And it made me sit up in my seat, and my eyes got wide, and I really felt inside myself, She’s making me feel things. I want to do that.”

If you ask us, it seems that she has achieved that dream. Now when can we expect season 3 of “OITNB”?!


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