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Oprah sat down with Vivica A. Fox during her “Where Are They Now?” series and of course asked the tough questions, but perhaps the most poignant was when she asked the 50-year-old about motherhood and Viv said, “That’s the biggest regret of my life that I have was that I didn’t have a child.”

Wow, what a powerfully candid moment. Many women who choose a similar path as Fox would never admit to regretting their decision to not have kids. We commend Vivica for being so open. According to research, one in five American women end their childbearing years without having children. So it’s clear Viv isn’t alone.

Luckily, for Fox, there’s plenty of options for her to be a mother. There’s in vitro fertilization, embryo adoption, regular adoption and so much more. It’s not the end for women over 50 who decide they do indeed want to be mothers. We’re cheering for your honesty Vivica, but please know there’s options!

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