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Finally, some good(ish) news for drama-heavy rapper DMX. Wait, maybe we spoke too soon–he was extremely close to losing his home at a foreclosure auction, but he recently paid $250K to save the property. According to, DMX was sued by Compass Bnk in a NYC court and in the suit, it was said that he and his wife Tashera Simmons took out a $500K mortgage in 2004, and have since defaulted on the loan. Compass Bank demanded the full amount ($258,927.87) paid and because he refused, they filed a suit. But the silver lining here is that DMX has paid.

In other DMX news: During an interview with Dr. Phil,  DMX was asked about his drug abuse, owing child support and back taxes. He was asked if he was $1 million behind in child support at the time. “Yes, I am,” DMX said. “The reason being because at a time I was making $13 million a year, so if I’m making $13 million a year, then I can pay that. I haven’t made that in about 10 years, so of course I’m behind in payments, but the children are taken care of.”

Money management has seemed to plague him, but it’s good to see that he’s getting his ducks in a row. He told The Urban Daily that he’s got no regrets. The things you don’t know are sometimes more important than the things you do know. So you can’t regret how it all goes down, because if it went down any other way, the things you needed to know, might become the things you never got a chance to learn.”

Preach DMX, preach!

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