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I am deeply suspicious of African-Americans who wish to separate from something they can never separate themselves from – being Black. I don’t care if you have light, dark or caramel skin, or even an interesting grade of hair, in the eyes of American society as a whole – you are African-American or Black.

Obviously, Raven Symone did not get the memo. Regrettably, she is not by herself. There are ton of lost souls who wish not be called African-American or Black.

It has always been my feeling that people like Tiger Woods, O.J. Simpson and the many other Negroes out here who are not famous but wish to separate themselves from being Black are accidents waiting to happen.

And while Symone has every right to believe and be who she wants to be, she just cannot run away from who she is – a Black American. She lives in a country where everyone reps who they are and where they are from.

So why run away from it? After making these comments on Oprah’s Where Are They Now  show, Symone tried to do crisis management and damage control by walking back her comments, saying she never said she wasn’t Black.

But on the show, she did say she was ‘colorless.’ Unfortunately for Symone, even Olivia Pope couldn’t save this mess. As I sat in the barbershop this morning, listening as Symone and Woods dominated the conversation, one thing became very clear – Black people have long memories.

Arthur Ashe once described his life as “a succession of fortunate circumstances.” I think the same can be said for Symone, now 28, who made millions as a TV star growing up right before our eyes on The Cosby Show and as Disney’s most popular teen star on That’s So Raven. 

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