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Kanye West totally and completely humiliated two handicapped fans in front of thousands of people by demanding that they stand up.

Kanye and his diva behavior have really gotten out of hand. Earlier this week, he was rushed to the hospital for a migraine headache…because apparently taking some aspirin and a nap just wasn’t going to be enough. Now he’s taken things to a whole new level of ridiculous.

Read that first line again. Yes, The Daily Mail Australia reports that Kanye brought a recent show in Australia to a screeching halt when he realized that everyone was not on their feet. Who would ever have the audacity not to stand up? People that physically can’t do it, that’s who!

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Yeezy stopped his show at Sydney’s Qantas Credit Union because he spotted a couple of people in their seats. He joked that the only disabled people had an excuse not to rise for him. “I can’t do this show until everybody stand up,” he reportedly said. “Unless you got a handicap pass and you get special parking and sh*t. Imma see you if you ain’t standing up, believe me, I’m very good at that.”

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That joke was a LOT less funny when he called out a couple of fans that actually are disabled. One man held up a fake leg to prove that he’s handicapped, so Kanye excused him from having to stand. Later Kanye paused a performance of “Good Life” to send one of his bodyguards into the stands to verify that another fan was in a wheelchair.

While waiting for confirmation, he pouted, “This is the longest I’ve had to wait to do a song, it’s unbelievable.”

“Unbelievable” is exactly right. It’s unbelievable that Kanye was egocentric enough to call out two fans for not standing up after they’d paid for seats close enough to the stage that he could see they weren’t on their feet. It’s unbelievable that he would be exasperated with the audience for not meeting his demands. And it’s unbelievable that he would not apologize to the fans he royally embarrassed. Yes, “unbelievable” is definitely the word to use for this situation.


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