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Mimi Faust has finally kicked Nikko to the curb, and all it took was a sex tape and finding out that he has a wife!

The “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star did her very best to stand by her man, but it seems that even she has her breaking point. reports that people began to wonder about their status, when he was spotted all hugged up with a cast member from “Bad Girls Club.”

Later, Mimi said she was absolutely disgusted with him in a message on Twitter. It made her sick to know that she was the last person to find out that he was married. Worse yet, she discovered that he had a wife via gossip blogs!

She’s been through worse with Nikko, though, so asked where their relationship stood during a recent chat. Were they still an item or not? The public wanted to know!

“No we’re not together, there’s no relationship, there’s no status,” Mimi answered. “I can forgive him and I can forget that. I’ll probably never trust him again but I can forgive that and move on.”

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There was always something a little fishy about Nikko to me, and here are just a few of the red flags that popped up while watching him on VH1.

1) He called her “damaged goods” on national television! It was clear from the end of “L&HHATL” season 2 that Nikko does not respect Mimi. The moment that she questioned his loyalty to her, he tried to flip the script (douche move, BTW). Then he said she was “damaged goods” and tried to buck up like he was about to hit Mimi.

2) Nikko was a little too excited about selling that sex tape. Most people would have questions about how Vivid even got a hold of their sex tape (Mimi did!), but Nikko was way to eager to make some money off of their steamy home movie. Editing will obviously change the way a conversation looks, but it still took him seconds to jump into get-money mode after telling Mimi that their private video had been stolen!

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3) He bamboozled her into starring in his wack music video. Mimi really thought she was doing big things when he had her “star” in his music video. He’d sold her the dream of being the featured girl, but she only got 10-second guest spot. His tired skit in the middle of the visual was longer than her total screen time.

4) Even Stevie J could tell he’s a fake! Stevie J may not be man of the year, but even he had to call out Nikko for giving Mimi a Folex and trying to pass it off as the genuine article. Speaking of watches, Stevie definitely clocked Nikko’s scheme to get some shine from Mimi’s sex tape!

5) He was married! No matter what the status of his marriage may have been when he met Mimi, he wasn’t divorced. That means Mimi was his mistress from the moment they hooked up, and he didn’t have enough respect for her to let her know that he’s spoken for (even if only on paper). Not cool, Nikko!


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