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NeNe Leakes Clarifies Beef With Wendy Williams


NeNe Leakes is not feeling Wendy Williams and thinks the daytime talk show host is out to sabotage her! In case you don’t remember, this whole thing started over a bag. Not just any bag…one that costs thousands of dollars. NeNe decided to mark her Birkin bag with her signature phrases which upset some critics. Wendy had simply posed the question: “What do think about @NeNeLeakes defacing her Birkin bag?”

NeNe went off, calling the host Wendell! The “Real Housewives” star opened up about their one-sided beef in an interview with TheYBF and in true NeNe fashion, the reality star does not mince words.

Read her explanation of how the beef began, below:

The thing with Wendy Williams has been going on for a long time. I did not know where it was coming from. Honestly, I’ve done her show a lot. I’d like to think I’m in the running for being on there more than anybody (else). When she first launched her show, I stayed with her the whole hour. I helped her and supported her and then all of a sudden it just switched on me.She started saying things about me. And I know Wendy does a lot of gossiping…that’s how she started her career. But to just start sabotaging me. I felt like she wanted to sabotage my career because she was really saying nasty things about me. And I have done nothing to Wendy. So for me…it was not about the bag….

I was like where is this coming from because I didn’t do anything to you. The last time I saw her, I was nice to her. When she had her 500th show I ‘d given her a gift (a $3,200 Celine Bag). Just to support another Black sister. I gave it to her and said I’m so proud of you. It’s amazing. You’re a black girl sitting here doing your own talk show. You’re opening up the door for me to do my own talk show. I was very supportive of her. I gave her a full-on speech and hugged her. And GENUINELY meant it. And all of a sudden she was bashing me.

I felt like she’d maybe heard something, I won’t say what the things are but I just thought she may have heard something about me. Nothing negative on my part, but about where my career could be going. And I thought she was just hating or sabotaging. You know I thought she would have been like I don’t like NeNe’s bags but she’s coming out with a clothing line on HSN you guys should check it out. I was like damn…

In short,

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