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After seeing the first two episodes of “Married At First Sight,” I can definitely say that it is entertaining. It’s still unclear whether the show is a good thing or the worst idea ever.

If you haven’t seen the promos for the show, it centers on six lonely singles that just want to tie the knot. Forget the first date and figuring out if you even like your prospective boo, these people want to cut right to the chase!

That’s where producers for “Married At First Sight” come in. They’ve assembled a team of matchmakers, spiritual advisors and sexologists to throw three potentially happy couples together. Being that I love some good reality show drama, I had to tune in because this had the great potential to be a train wreck!

Let’s just say it hasn’t disappointed so far, and I do plan to be watch next week when the couples go on their honeymoons! However, what drew me into the show is also what bugs me about it. “Married At First Sight” takes a pretty casual approach to the idea of getting hitched. The couples don’t even meet until they’re at the altar! In case you’re wondering, these people are legally married, If things don’t work out, they will have to get a real divorce.

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In modern times, marriage has become something that people have fought for. It wasn’t until last year that the Supreme Court of the United States even made it legal for gay people to get married anywhere in the U.S. Marriage is usually a sacred institution for two people that have decided that they want to commit their lives one another after much time and consideration. It’s a decision that should be made out of love for your significant other.

Of course, it hasn’t always been that way as arranged marriages were the preferred method of finding your Mr. or Ms. Right up until the early 20th century. With land, wealth, and social status at stake, it’s not likely that someone would be marrying for love 150 years ago. Other cultures practiced arranged marriages for religious reasons. Some Indian and Jewish Orthodox circles still set up these types of relationships. USA Today reports that it’s also standard practice in the Unification Church.

While its presumed that these unions aren’t as fulfilling, a 2012 study done by California State University has determined that the assumption may not be true. Out of 58 Indian-American couples, researchers found through a survey that there was no difference in the level of satisfaction the subjects felt about their marriage between love-based unions and arranged ones. On the flipside, an arranged marriage does not ensure mental, emotional or physical compatibility. These are key to any healthy relationship. There’s also no way to know whether or not your arranged match is abusive.

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In one sense, handing the task of finding your perfect match over to a third party might be a better approach to dating for some singles. Plenty of people go to matchmakers, and dating sites have millions of subscribers. Still, those methods do at least allow you the right of refusal, if you’re not into a potential partner.

The participants on “Married At First Sight” no longer have to worry about whether they’ll ever find “The One” because a team of professionals has done it for them. Unfortunatley, it wasn’t exactly love at first sight for one couple: Jamie Otis (seen above) was not happy with her husband Doug Hehner. She wasn’t very attracted to him, and it showed! He was thrilled with his bride, though!

Things went better between Monet Bell and her hubby Vaughn Copeland when they tied the knot, but it was still awkward. I’m also a little disappointed that they didn’t jump the broom. The remaining couple Courtney Hendrix and Jason Carrion hit it off right away!

A beach getaway for their honeymoon might change the dynamic of some relationships. Viewers will have to wait until Tuesday at 9 p.m. to see what happens on the next episode of “Married At First Sight.”

Spoiler Alert: Be prepared to give Vaughn some side-eye when brings up the idea of having a threesome to Monet.


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