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Nuts are also great sources of protein. Just be sure to go easy on the portion sizes, since nuts tend to have higher fat and calorie counts.

Veggies, Veggies & More Veggies

Did you happen to notice the “Veg” in “vegetarian?” While it’s true you that could eat cookies all day long and technically be a vegetarian (even a vegan, actually), the very word “vegetarian” connotes the idea of eating vegetables. Since vegetarians can’t eat meat, they often substitute plenty of fresh, flavorful veggies as their main course.

You already know that vegetables are filled with vital nutrients and such that your body cannot function its best without. So why not eat more of them? Or, at the very least, try to at least get in more servings every day. How? Try to add at least two veggies to every dish.

Cook More

Sometimes it can be very difficult to be a truly healthful vegetarian if you eat out all the time – you can never be 100% sure that some meat-based or processed product hasn’t found its way into your food. Plus, when you become a vegetarian, you tend to become more conscious of what you’re putting into your body. As a result, many vegetarians find themselves cooking more, since it gives them more control over what’s in their food.

Plus, experts agree that cooking more can help you control the extra fat and calories from restaurant food – because you can’t really control that, either.

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