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TV One is gearing up for the premiere of “R&B Divas LA” season 2 starring Chanté MooreMichel’leClaudette Ortiz, Lil’ Mo and newcomers Leela James and Chrisette Michelle.

I’m pretty stoked to see what these divas have in-store this go round. We’re pretty absorbed in each diva’s story lines (for obvious reasons) but if you haven’t been watching, let us catch you up and give you the scoop on why you should be watching this season.

RNB Divas LA New cast members

1. New cast members, new drama…or nah?

Now that Kelly and Dawn have exited stage left, we’re interested in seeing what drama Chrisette and Leela could potential bring to the show. Both new cast members seem like the quiet celebrity type. Let’s see if they open up for the cameras and bring the heat!

RNB Divas LA cast members Chante Claudette

2. The sangin’.

If you’ve ever watched any episode of R&B Divas you can count soulful vibratos and harmonies that my diaphragm could only make if I were running and screaming as a burglar chased me. This season will be no different!

3. Divas are lovers, not fighters.

Contrary to what happens on most reality shows, these women are truly divas. We’ll definitely see a few shaking fingers, and loads of rolled eyes but there is absolutely no fighting.

RNB Divas LA Lil Mo Michele cast members

4.  New pop culture references. 

Since there is no fighting, we can expect to see a few arguments that might lead to a pop culture hashtag–insert #ByeFelicia.

5. Styling & Profiling!

It’s something about these LA divas that does it for us. They’re glamorous, filled with sparkle and shine…they are so Hollywood!

We’re here for it! Are you? Join us on July 18th at 10/9c for the premiere of R&B Divas LA.

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