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Trash Talk Trap #3: “My Legs Are Gigantic!”

I’m not going to lie yall, this is the one that constantly made it’s way into my mind (and out of my mouth) for the first two decades of my life. I was constantly complaining about how big my legs were and how easier life (and pants shopping) would be if they were just a bit smaller. People would compliment me (especially in the south) with comments like, “Baby you got them big pretty legs.” And while they meant no harm I would chase this remark with the thought of, “what idiot would use the words big and pretty in the same sentence.” 

Fattitude Fix: With six half marathons, one marathon and several other physical accomplishments under my belt I now think, “these big legs are strong legs, and for this I am grateful.” So if you have that one body part that you constantly pick on, give yourself a break and focus on what your body can do – not just what it looks like. 

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Trash Talk Trap #4: “Clothes Shopping Is the Worst!”

Can I get a “hell yeah!” I hate shopping. But even if you’re a shop-til-you-drop fashionista, the shopping experience can be stressful. From the thin mannequins to the bright lights and the three-way mirrors – I mean c’mon. No wonder many women feel lousy about their looks when clothes shopping. However beyond your favorite boutique’s ambiance many body image issues while shopping are self inflicted. For instance you flip out when you have to by a 10 instead of an 8 in a dress that literally was “giving you life” at first site. Or you huff and puff all the way home because every pair of skinny jeans you tried on made you look everything but skinny. Sound familiar? 

Fattitude Fix: Next time you head out for a shopping extravaganza focus on the garments that fit, not the numbers sewn into the back of them. Many designers use fit models when developing their line, so just because you wore an 8 in Michael Kors last season you may just be a 10 now – not because you gained weight, the fit model probably did. True story. And lastly, don’t let trends kill your vibe. Buy clothes that put your favorite body part on display and stop camouflaging the parts you don’t favor. Dressing confidence 101. Pow!

Robbie Ann Darby (RAD Experience) is a professional FitGirl, Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer in NYC. Follow her sweaty life on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more fun health and fitness tips!


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