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140302133826-mushroom-clou-file-story-bodyBefore you panic, this incident happened many years ago.  I grew up in North Carolina and for some reason, my friends and I had a conversation which I have shared many times over the years.  I grew up in a small town called Clinton.   During the Cold War years, we came to the reality that if an enemy with nuclear bombs wanted to take out a large amount of our military, we were in a bad place.  Why?  Clinton is about 45 miles from Ft. Bragg, about 60 miles from Camp Lajeune and around 40 miles from Pope Air Force base.   Clinton sat in the middle of the triangle formed by these three bases and as 12 year olds, our theory was that one nuke dropped on us would have an adverse effect on all the bases.   Luckily, we never found out.  Now, CNN is reporting that North Carolina was close to being accidently nuked.

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