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Day 3 of the Fantastic Voyage 14 was officially my day of rest. A couple of naps yesterday were something I desperately needed after partying for two days straight. Day three was also the “Day At Sea”, so that means this boat has been rocking for over 24 hours and needless to say, if you aren’t prepared for these waves then you’ll be holding onto the porcelain Gods until your stomach settles down. I digress… I at least started my day off with Bobby Jones and his daily devotion. This is what I enjoy most about this cruise; anyone can enjoy it, regardless of your walk of life.

After Bobby Jones, of course I went back to my room for nap number 1. (Remember it was day of rest) I slept for about 30 minutes then I headed to the gym for a quick workout.  Working out by myself made me realize that I should appreciate having the opportunity to work out with Darren Henson tomorrow; yea I needed someone to motivate me.

I worked up an appetite and luckily it was just in time for the Battle of the Chefs that featured Chefs Jeff Henderson, Huda Mu’Min, Deb Fewell and Ken Patrick. I can’t tell you who technically won, but I can say whoever made the shrimp that I used for my salad at lunch won in my book! It was something light to put on my stomach right before I attempted to put on a bathing suit.


Following lunch, I came back to my room and found my cutest bathing suit so I could sit on the pool deck with other people. It’s always a DJ and a party up there. It was relaxing to see everyone enjoy the sea day and chill like me. I think everyone needed this day of rest.  Which leads me into my nap number two of the day. Besides I had to get my rest before my night with Prince!

Well not the real Prince, but hell that’s probably the closest I’ll get to the real one. This Prince impersonator put on a show. From belting out hits like ‘Purple Rain’ and ‘Nikki’ we were back to full on party mode. I was intending to be completely turned down but, with so much to do on this cruise, it’s impossible. Besides I brought an outfit for everyday and every party theme, so I had to put on my ‘Roaring 20s’ outfit! I didn’t bring my fly headpiece and sparkly dress for nothing. So I got dressed up to fit in with the rest of the crowd and jammed at the party.  I left the party a little early since I knew I had prearranged date with KEM and John Legend.


Now, last night they switched the line up for concert because by the time John Legend hit the stage, the crowd was just exhausted. We couldn’t truly appreciate his music, so I was happy that we had the chance to experience him early on! The crowd song along to every song, hit after hit. My personal favorites were ‘Cloud Nine’ and his mega hit ‘All of Me’. That prepared me for KEM.  KEM’s new artist L’Renee started off his set with a smooth melody of classics like Chaka Khan and Whitney Houston.


L’Renee’s voice and her range is impeccable, I can see why KEM decided to sign her. That’s a huge deal because KEM never intended to have a label of that magnitude. It also helps that she’s from Detroit, so you know we have to stick together!! Finally, KEM hit the stage and you know he never disappoints!

I left the concert feeling complete. My day was relaxing but also exciting. The Fantastic Voyage 14 is not your typical cruise. Even when you want to do absolutely nothing, that isn’t an option!

Turn UP! It’s time for Day 4 at St. Thomas and my panel on “how to start a business, with working a full time job” I’ll give you the deets on that tomorrow.

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