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officer reginald wilson stealingWhen David Spivey installed a hidden camera to find out who was stealing money from his truck, he never guessed the culprit would be his personal trainer. But that turned out to be the case, according to KLTV.

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Spivey was shocked to find Reginald Wilson (pictured), his fitness trainer at the Woodcreek Athletic Club, opening the truck doors while he was inside training. “I mean it just goes to show you, you can’t trust anybody,” Spivey said.

Watch video of Wilson entering Spivey’s truck here:

The East Texas man’s video shows Wilson entering the truck with empty hands. He then opens a compartment and removes something before leaving.

“It’s pretty self explanatory; my hand went in empty and came out with green stuff,” he said.

Spivey gave the video to Tyler police, who arrested Wilson soon afterwards. Wilson also worked as a peace officer for the Whitehouse Police Department, which has since fired him.

In addition to Spivey’s incriminating footage, his friend also managed to capture video of Wilson’s entry, having parked nearby to catch him in action.

“I have outside footage and I also have inside camera showing what I caught him doing,” Spivey added. ”It is what it is; I can’t do anything about it. I’m just glad that it’s not happening anymore.”

He initially assumed his wallet would be safer in the car than the gym. ”The only thing I ever took in there was the key. Who would have thought that somebody would go into my locker, get a key out and go in my truck? Especially my trainer.”

Wilson is charged with two counts of burglary of a vehicle.

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