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Judy handpicked the three judges, including one she says is just like her, but “younger and blonder.” But bailiff Petri Hawkins-Byrd is staying with her, Judy assured Tom. The former real-life bailiff is the longest-running bailiff on  TV courtroom shows.He got the job when sent Sheindlin, who he’d worked with previously in New York, a congratulatory letter telling her he’d look good on TV. She obviously agreed.

“Byrd works enough. We don’t like to overtax Byrd. If you notice, he hardly wants to walk over and get evidence for me anymore. He looks annoyed if I ask him for information. If I ask him for the Blue Book value of the car, he says ‘Why not walk over and do it yourself?’ We have a lovely female bailiff this time, who worked in the Los Angeles court system.”

Hot Bench starts in the fall. Check your local listings.

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