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jordan baker houston shooting

Janet Baker, the Mother of Jordan Baker (pictured), a Houston man shot dead by police in an apparent mistaken identity case, is speaking out about the loss of her son, ABC reports.

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Per police reports, an unnamed off-duty officer was providing security at a Northwest Houston strip mall January 16th. He then saw 26-year-old Jordan riding his bike through the area and peering in to local businesses. Suspicious, the officer approached Baker and requested I.D. At this point, the officer claims Baker struggled with him and ran away.

The officer soon cornered Baker in a nearby alley, where Jordan allegedly charged at him, prompting the officer to fire. After the shooting, the Houston Police Department said the officer believed Baker matched descriptions of three robbers who’d recently held up stores at the strip mall. As with the suspects, Baker was wearing a black hoodie that evening.

Watch a news report about the shooting here:

Denying reports that her son charged toward the officer who shot him, Janet said, “I don’t believe that’s what occurred,” she said. “I think that’s him trying justify the outcome of what happened.”

Jordan was a student at Houston Community College. He also had a 7-year-old son and hadn’t been in trouble with the law since high school, according to his mother.

“He’s not the way they portrayed him,”Janet added. “He’s a father. He’s grandson. He’s a son. And he was just taken away. He did everything right: He’s a college student; he was working part time. He does everything for his son. His son is his life.”

Jordan’s body is still under police custody, the elder Baker said. Though the family has yet to make funeral plans, they are considering hiring a lawyer to investigate his death.

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