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Dear Tom,

Faye and I are childhood friends who grew up in New Orleans. We both went J.F.K. high school and then college at Southern University. Faye majored in Accounting I studied Social Welfare and now work in the medical field.

Faye MET a nice man named Kevin who was in the Army, they got married and that’s how she ended up in Virginia. She was able to start a successful accounting business up there and they have 2 daughters – one is 40 and the other one is 15.

About 5 years ago, Faye was about to get into her car, when some kids went drag racing down her street at over 90 miles per hour. The hood from one of the cars flew off and hit her, crushing her pelvis.

It happened so fast that she didn’t remember the accident. The doctors told her what happened – and that they had to amputate her left leg. She is now bound to a wheelchair.

Now, my mother will be turning 90 on November 22nd. My sisters and I have been planning a birthday party for her with lots of food, live music along with all her friends and family.

I talk to Faye all the time but my mother has not seen her since before the accident. I think this will be a welcoming surprise for the both of them.


Thank you, Tom


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