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Sooner or later we all have some of the same problems in life as we grow older. We become responsible for providing skilled nursing, home health and medication services to a relative or to a friend. Medicaid personal providers has successfully administered two hundred thousand hours of such services to individuals in Maryland, Washington, dc and Virginia over the past ten years. We are licensed by the state of Maryland’s office of health care quality. All of our providers are supervised by experience registered nurses and we practice hands on management including daily communication with providers of the skilled services under the new health law and these services may be paid for by the individuals insurance, Medicaid or by Medicare. You will find us easy to work with, inexpensive and sympathetic to your needs.

Beginning early in the year 2002, Medicaid Providers LLC, became an approved provider under the state of Maryland’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene-Office of Health Care Quality. Hence, Medicare Providers has been a Maryland licensed Residential Services Agency provider for eleven years.

Medicaid Providers has been re-licensed every year since 2002 and currently holds a Residential Services Agency licenses to provide skilled nursing and Certified Nursing Assistants to the general population. The provision of skilled nursing services has been our primary focus and should remain consistent with our operations in the foreseeable future.

Medicaid Providers has also provided skilled nursing services on a Department of Defense subcontract including phlebotomy services, EKG services, immunization services and medical record management services.

Our management has been successful over the past two hundred thousand hours of implementation due to employment of our standardized Matrix Management system and the use of SWOT analysis as our forward looking aspect. In this manager, experienced gained on a day to day basis directly improves management functions and our organizational actions are forced to be forward looking. For more information about how to get service for you or a loved one, please call David Green at 301.495.6330.