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With DC Wine Week underway (October 12th – October 19th), it’s only fitting to dedicate at least one blog to what’s probably the most loved and misunderstood alcoholic beverage-vino.    We love the taste.  We love the scent.  We love the feel.  We also love what wine symbolizes–the “upper crust” of society.

There are so many different types and characteristics of wine-red, white, rose, sweet, dry, savory, fruity, nutty, full bodied, medium bodied, merlot, sauvignon, cabernet, reisling and the list goes on-that something as simple as having a drink after a long day can be confusing.  The truth is, most people don’t understand wine but very few will admit it.  Let’s not even delve into food pairings.  Sheesh!

For those of us, and that means most of us, that love wine but could use some education there is a new wine subscription club called Vinolovers that provides it’s “winos” with knowledge and wines that outweigh the price point.  Justin Harrison, the CEO of Vino Lovers, is a DC native with an MBA from Babson College.  Harrison started Vinolovers in October of last year and the company will launch it’s website and online marketplace at the end of this month.

Here’s to great wine, acquired knowledge, and not breaking the bank.  Cheers!