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Dear Tom,

My mother in law used to have an addiction problem. Then one day she asked the lord to help her “help herself” and she has been clean and sober for the past 17 years.

She went back to school and got her undergraduate degree when she was 52 from Spalding University and a Master’s degree in Social Work from University of Louisville when she was 60.

Glenda is now a social worker and she also works at her church as an ordained deacon, a decision counselor and a Ministry Coordinator for a ministry called “RUSH” – short for “Recovery Until Something Happens.”

She currently sponsors over 22 women on their road to recovery and gently urges them to not only get sober but to live sober. She’s an inspiration to many women who have gone back to school and get their diplomas and encourage others to get that college degree.

She loves being a grandmother and is also a surrogate grandmother to countless children, who lovingly call her “Neena.” Her 65th birthday is October 10th and her 10-year anniversary to her 2nd husband is on October 11th.

The 50th International Women’s Conference for Alcoholics Anonymous is February 6th through the 9th. she has been invited to attend to share her story…but it’s in Honolulu. She has a place to stay – she just needs help paying for a round trip ticket.

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