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Now, he says, cargo ships do have armed guards. Until the Maersk Alabama was taken, part of the problem for pirates was gaining access to ships, which were much higher than their lifeboats. On the Maersk, the pirates configured a ladder to reach it.

Tom Joyner jokes that he’s sure that Chris Rock is in makeup as one of the pirates, but Hanks corrects that assumption.

“My now good Somalian friends Barkad, Barkhad, Mahmat and Faysal, together do not weigh as much as Chris Rock weighs. (The actors, ironically enough, are Somalian-Americans from Minnesota.), “Those are some skinny people. Barkhad Abdi, who plays the main guy, was watching TV and something came on and said ‘Somalis wanted for movie’ and he went the next day with like, 800 people.’”

“Captain Phillips,” is in theaters Friday.

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