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Dear Tom,

back in the 90’s, My friend Glenell was attending Texas Southern University. She had big dreams of becoming a writer, but she had to put that on hold when her first daughter was born, She got married and started a family.

but Seven years ago, she had to start all over after her marriage of 20 years turned into a divorce – where she lost the home on the process.

Glenell had worked for Southwest Airlines and decided retire early after 19 years. She went to work for Shell Oil & Gas while went back to finish school and now works as an Insurance Replacement Processor for A.I.G.

She has been able to raise her kids right and keep them in school. Her oldest daughter is 23 and just graduated from Texas Tech, her 18-YEAR-OLD just went off to University of Texas and the 13-year-old is undecided.

Going through her divorce empowered her to not let anything or anyone keep her down. She started writing short stories and recently published her first book: “Finding My Lost Soul” – Her dream is to keep writing and that maybe one of her books will be turned into a movie.

it’s been a busy summer with one daughter graduating and the other going off to college – plus, she just started her new job.  I know she could use some new clothes for work and a relaxing spa treatment.

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