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Two words for you:  George Zimmerman.  A lot of people have a lot of questions for him lately, including his estranged wife, that’s a whole other show though.  However there is one question that I haven’t heard anybody say, and I think we should be asking him, and we should be asking ourselves.  And I’ll tell you what that question is in just a moment.  I’m going to speak directly to George Zimmerman, though, because I hope he hears this segment and if you know him, please send the clip to him.  Email it to him.

George, since your acquittal just a few weeks ago you have been caught speeding twice, once in Texas where you got off with a warning, the other time in your home state of Florida, where you did finally get a ticket.

In the latest incident, with your soon to be ex-wife, and her father, it’s not clear yet whether you broke the law, but police did come, they did question you, and it’s being investigated as a possible domestic battery case because you allegedly hit her father and smashed your wife’s iPad because she was recording you with it.  Police say they didn’t recover a gun at the scene, but the woman you were with said that you had one in your vehicle.

And then, George, you had the audacity to take a big, cheesy smiley picture while touring the gun factory where the type of gun you used to kill Trayvon Martin is made.  You didn’t break the law with that one, but you certainly broke every rule relating to decency, and empathy, and couth.

George Zimmerman, haven’t you any shame?  Have you no decency?  No self-awareness.

Don’t you realize that while you escaped a life sentence the person you killed no longer has a life, and even though you were acquitted, like it or not, the reality is that there are many people around the world who are convinced that you got away with murder.  And perhaps you should spare those people, especially Trayvon Martin’s grieving mother and father, the unwanted burden, of having to see or hear about you in the media, in some cases seemingly gloating for your good fortune and your freedom.  Spare them.  Spare us.  Take the advice of a person who knows all too well about the media spotlight:  Donald Trump, who said about you, it’s good for everybody if he disappears.  This has been a really hard, traumatic verdict for the country.  And then Trump went on to finish his statement by saying that you, George, should “disappear for his own sake, and for the country’s sake.”

Why don’t you take a cue from Donald Trump, from Casey Anthony even and disappear from the spotlight.  OJ didn’t take that advice and you see where that got him.  Everyone, including many who supported you, George, are now scratching their heads wondering why after a trial where you got off Scott free that you haven’t taken a seat, that you haven’t taken several seats.  But what I really think is a better question for you, George, and for your supporters, the one that I want everyone listening today to ask themselves:

Why does a man who insisted that everyone follows the rules in law, especially Trayvon Martin, keep breaking the law himself?

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