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Dear Tom,

My mom listens to your show every morning. It’s on the radio while we get ready and while she drives us to school. She works hard with 3 jobs to provide for my sister Makyla and me – she is 6 and I am 10.

Before we were born, My mom signed up for the Air Force in 2010…and then 9-11 happened. She did her duty and still serves in the Air Force Reserves. Her REAL job is in I.T. and she goes to school to stay current on technology – something she tells us we need to do so we don’t get left behind in the job world.

Her other job is a hobby of landscape design and urban gardening – so her green thumbs help pay bills. and Although she is the baby of the family, she is the one everyone calls for help. She is always running around doing things for others that she never has time for herself,

Her birthday is coming up on October 6th and she has Fall break from school the following weekend the same time as us. Our grandmother has worked for a large airline since my mom was 4 and she said she would fly her wherever she wants for her birthday – all she has to do is pay for a place to stay.

My mom used to be stationed in Hawaii and she would like to go back to Waikiki as a tourist. If you could help please make this possible for her birthday, I know she would be the happiest mom in the world.


Kyrell Chandler

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