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Caller 5:  My heart is just heavy right now.  My summation, this is the message that’s gone out to the country that says it’s okay for young black men to be killed and no justice will be served with it.  God bless you.

 Caller 6:  Wow, unbelievable.  But should I even be surprised?  With the way our justice system is today?  I’m just stunned.

 Caller 7  This is actually, totally insane.  I have no hope for the justice system.  I will not be visiting Florida for any reason if my child can get killed for walking to a store to get something for himself, then I have no business being there.  If the roles were reversed and a black man killed a white child he would fry, plain and simple.  Zimmerman, you’re a marked man.

Caller 8:  I think the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial proves that we have really not grown anywhere and not have gained any major inroads.  For people to sit there and say our justice system is the greatest in the world.  I think they’re very misguided.  Our justice system is the most slated in the world.  If you are black you are not going to get a fair shake upfront.  You have to fight over and over again.  To be executed for walking while black?  Really?  You know what?  Reverend Al Sharpton, I look forward to hearing from you.  We need you.

 Caller 9:  I’m very sad, but yes, please, because I believe justice has been done.  And I hope there’s a message that goes out to all young people, I don’t care what color you are.  Color has nothing to do this with.  Don’t steal people’s stuff.  Don’t get in trouble at school.  Have a good reputation.  Have some integrity.  Don’t have THC in your system if you are going to get in an altercation.  Stand up, be a good American, and please do not make this a racist issue.

 Caller 10:  The prosecution never intended to get a conviction.  If they had intended to get a conviction, uh, Rachel Jeantel would’ve been prepared for this trial.  They had no intentions of ever getting a conviction.  That was a dog and pony show put on to say that they tried the case and albeit their jobs.  They’re lying.  They’re just a bunch of racists.

Caller 11:  I’m the mother of four sons, and I live in Kansas City, and the crime is horrible, and I am (sobbing) just upset about this verdict.

 Caller 12:  My heart is really heavy right now.  I just feel like this country will never heal.  This country will never heal because the hurt runs to deep and for too long.  Why black folks cannot (sobs) get justice in the country?  I just don’t understand.

 Caller 13:  God is in control.  You live by the sword, you die by the sword.  So why he thinking he got away;  it ain’t over for him.

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