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The Tom Joyner Morning Show asked it’s listeners to express their opinions on the George Zimmerman verdict this past weekend.

Your voice, your opinion and your thoughts are very important to us. A few examples of your opinions are listed below but please continue to let us know what you think by calling 1-800-Joyner-2 any time.

Also, comment on Tom’s Facebook page, Twitter page, and comment here on

Caller 1:  I am literally torn apart.  I screamed as if it was my son.  So not fair.  All we can do now is pray for god’s protection on our babies.

 Caller 2:  I am thoroughly hurt.  As a woman of color I fear for my life in America.  They can kill us and they can maim us, they can do whatever they want to us, and they will get off.  But the second we do something as much as cut somebody’s touch somebody’s dress without permission we’re going to jail for two life sentences, no proof, no evidence, I am so, so hurt.

 Caller 3:  Yeah, Tom.  This is my thing about George Zimmerman being acquitted on all charges.  See, what I don’t understand is if he hadn’t intervened then Trayvon Martin would’ve gone home and no homes would’ve been burglarized.  If he hadn’t intervened nobody would be dead right now.  But he did intervene, and someone is dead, and he’s not guilty of anything?  If he just had stayed put like the officer had said on 911 nobody’s house would’ve been burglarized and nobody would be dead right now.  He’s off and  free to leave Florida.

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