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Ray J has sent love and congratulations to Kim and Kanye on the birth of their first child.  You know Ray Jay and Baby North have a lot in common.  They’re both short.  They both need a lot of attention.  And they were both in side of Kim’s belly.

 Toni Braxton is officially out of bankruptcy after making a final payment of $150,000 dollars.  Now it’s time for Toni to focus on work, because although Toni Braxton is tough enough to take on bankruptcy, and the IRS, she is not strong enough to handle K-Mart becoming more popular than her.

 Amanda Bynes has gone too far this time.  The actress known as the female Charlie Sheen tweeted that Barack and Michelle Obama are ugly.  Oh, no she didn’t.  Oh, yes she did.  Apparently with all the money she’s made in her career Amanda Bynes has yet to buy a mirror.  Because if she looked at one she’s see a flat skull, Koala eyed, greasy headed, piss colored, sausaged nosed, rectum faced albino monkey who wishes she had it going on like the Obama’s.  Hell, Amanda Bynes wishes she looked as good as the first dog, B0.

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