We now know the reason why Scottie Pippen beat that man unconscious.  Scotty says the drunk dude spit on him and then called him the N word.  So Pippin proceed to pummel that punk into the pavement.  I bet he’ll never use the N word again because Scotty beat the Paula Deen out of him.

And speaking of Paula Deen, Paula Deen sons says that their mom is no racist.  They say that when they were growing up their momma Paula Deen always had black people in their home, like Uncle Ben, Aunt Jemima and that Negro from the Cream of Wheat box.

A bunch of items once owned by Monica Lewinsky are now up for auction, including a letter from Bill Clinton and Monica’s black negligée.  And both were signed by Bill Clinton.  But if you buy the negligée you may, uh, want to wash that signature off.

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