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Federal prosecutors had made their recommendations for the sentencing of Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife.  They urged that Sandy Jackson served 18 months in prison and then when she gets out Jesse Junior will serve five years, that way the children will always have a parent.  And with his ol’ lady locked up that will give Jesse Junior a year and a half to get his affairs in order, and I do mean his affairs.

NFL Receiver Plaxico Burress has now stepped onto the field of high fashion.  Plaxico announced his own line of luxury men’s hosiery.  Now, for you brothers who don’t know, hosiery is not some fancy name for groupies, it’s a fancy name for socks.  And if Plaxico’s sock line is successful it will open the door for him to unveil his own brand of bulletproof slacks.  (Shots fired).

 Baltimore Ravens Center Matt Burke refused to join his team at the White House for the Annual Super Bowl Champion’s visit because he strongly opposes President Obama’s stance on abortion.  So even though he’s anti abortion he doesn’t mind pulling out.

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