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I’m so proud of Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry.  The two media power houses joined forces and it paid off big. The  premiere episodes of “The Haves and the Have Nots ,” and “Love Thy Neighbor” broke records, making them the highest-rated shows to debut on the OWN network to date. We’re so used to seeing African-Americans accomplish great things that we sometimes take for granted this kind of news. But think about it. Oprah, a black woman born in poor, rural Mississippi and she’s running her own television network. Tyler Perry survived childhood abuse, dysfunction and homelessness.

Consider that in 1956, when NBC launched a TV series starring singer Nat King Cole they had to do so without a sponsor. Thinking that once they saw how sophisticated the show was, at least one national advertiser would line up, the network took a chance. When no sponsors stepped up, Nat King Cole pulled the plug on the show himself.

Let your kids know that there was a time when you’d flip on the TV and there was no BET, no TVOne, no black TV shows, and no black TV stars. When we were represented on television it was only as maids, butlers or some subservient role.

So now that we’ve come full circle with our OWN network, I have a couple of shows I would like to pitch to the network.  Hey Oprah and Tyler!  How about a Friday night line up from This Mofo Productions Presents:

“At Least I Got His A**”: It’s our version of snapped. We all know someone who has gone too far to get back at the man or woman who has done them wrong.  They may get fired, they may go to jail, they may got publicly humiliated, but in the end they can say: At least I GOT his A**

In our first episode, Damon Williams tells us about his ex who waited until he paid off the last piece of furniture they purchased together, took off work,  spent good money to rent a truck, got the key from the manager (her name was on the lease) and took everything in the house, including his brown eight- piece sectional couch. She risked everything and it cost her some money BUT “At Least She Got his A**.”

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