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Congresswoman Michele Bachman says she will not seek re-election.  Maybe it’s because the wicked witch of the Midwest has the FBI investigating her campaign finances.  But we here at the TJMS will hate to see Michele Bachman go.  And we wish her well.  C’mon everybody ‘For she’s a jolly good racist, for she’s a jolly good racist, for she’s a jolly good racist, and she’s got some crazy eyes.’

Rapper Busta Rhymes is being sued by Paramount recording studios for 70 grand.  Paramount says that Busta-Bust racked up 375 hours of studio time and never paid them a penny.  But Busta did leave behind this recording; ‘If you think you’re getting money from me, then you all must be smoking weed.  Put your lips where my eyes can’t see and kiss my ass, that’s a payment from me.’

 President Obama had to explain to the folks at a White House event why he had lipstick on his collar, lipstick that did not belong to the First Lady.  But the cool president explained that it came from a hug with American Idol runner up Jessica Sanchez.  When Bill Clinton was asked if he ever had to explain a lipstick stain he said, yes, but not on my collar.

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