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There’s so much to be said about the rise and fall of child stars. Nickelodeon kid Amanda Bynes is no exception. The charming teeny bopper who warmed us with her sense of humor on show “All That” and films “What A Girl Wants” and “Hairspray” has forever tarnished her image, in recent weeks.

She made headlines, weeks ago, after tweeting a photo of herself with pierced cheeks, tangled weave and clown-like makeup. She recently tweeted rapper Drake in the hopes that he would murder her vagina. And, if you thought her cooky antics like aimless wandering around Times Square with a blunt was over, you are sadly mistaken.

Amanda took to the Twitterverse to once again express her infatuation for Drizzy, who has yet to respond to any of her passes. She tweeted:

We’re quite confused, was she complimenting or insulting Drake by mentioning his far apart eyes? Her followers responded with their own jokes of which she retweeted.

As odd as Amanda’s behavior is, we can’t help but laugh with her (not at her–she needs help).

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