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This morning I want to talk about something that has become a major part of my and so many other Americans lives. CANCER. Every April the American Cancer Society and other organizations work together to raise awareness about cancer among minorities in honor of National Minority Health Month and this week is National Minority Cancer Awareness Week.

Over 94,000 cancer cases in men and over 82,000 cases in women are expected to be newly diagnosed among African Americans in just this year. Prostate cancer is expected to be the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men, and breast cancer the most common in women. But what is worse is the fact that the data suggests that about 32,900 African American men and 31,900 African American women are expected to die from cancer this year.

Family, many of the cancer cases and deaths could be prevented with the adoption of healthier lifestyles, such as avoiding tobacco products, maintaining a healthy body weight, and being physically active. Simple things. The American Cancer Association recommends 5 things to reduce your risks and increase your chances of winning the fight against it.

1. Get regular screening test

Regular screening tests can catch some cancers early, when they’re more treatable. With a few cancers, these tests can even prevent cancer from developing in the first place. Talk with your doctor about the tests for colon, lung, prostate and breast cancers.

2. Control your weight

3. Exercise regularly

4. Eat Healthy

5. Stop Smoking

For more info hit I know this to be true and believe in fighting this fight because I have been watching my dad fight this disease for nearly a decade. He got prostate cancer, caught is early but still was not able to keep it from spreading. Seven years ago we wee told dad had a year to live, Eight months ago we were told he had 4-6 months to live. And he has been able to be the master cancer combatant because he did 3 things.

1.  Communicate early and often with loved ones

2.  Be the biggest advocate and researcher for your treatment

3.  Remind the doctors that they are all PRACTICING medicine and that GOD determines your last day.

I have not watched my father cheat death. I have watched him choose to live and live hard. I mean this dude went on a job interview two months ago. Because it is part of his fight. Dad you are my hero and your fight against cancer continues to teach me how to live healthy taking advantage of EVERY DAY GOD GIVES. If you know a cancer combatant shout them out at 646464 or hit me at facebook or twitter. Lets spread the message on how to avoid and beat cancer in our community.

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