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Fred Sommerville of Akron, Ohio is today’s “Real Fathers, Real Men” winner.

Dear Tom Joyner,

I would like to nominate my father, Fred Sommerville as a “Real Father, Real Man.” My father is a handicap veteran from the Korean War. My father stepped on a land mine in the war, which took off half of his right leg. The war took his leg but it did not take his spirit. After he was released from the war he was employed as a custodian until age 55. He raised five good children that have his kind and caring demeanor. I remember him telling me once when his was laid off he took a job in a car wash to help pay his bills. My father raised his children with hard work and common sense. His favorite saying is “god blesses the child that’s got his own” and that was just what my father did. He works hard to have his own. He always told us to “pay yourself first and have good credit to make it in this life.”

At age 82, my father looks and acts much younger than his years. He is up and outside in the summer months doing something. My father helps anyone who asks. He is just a kind and giving person. i went through a bad marriage and my father was right there to help me survive and move on. He has helped me with repairs on my house and cars. I am so blessed to have him in my life and in the lives of others. My father never complains and is always working or doing something. He can’t understand how people can say they are bored when there is always something to do. I look at people begging on the corner and sitting on their behind as their house falling down around them. Then I look at my dad, who raised five children and held down at job being handicap. Our mission on this earth is to serve and you can ask all who know my dad – job well done.

My dad’s birthday is in the month of June and a lot of times his birthday falls on father’s day. God placed him in the month he is most worthy of. We listen to your show every morning. He said that Tom Joyner is a mess. He really enjoys your show and I would be so honored if you would award my dad, Fred Sommerville Jr., the real father, real man.

Thanks for taking the time to read my letter. May God bless you all!


Deborah Sommerville

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