The University of Central Florida campus police with the help of the Orange County Sherriff and FBI are investigating the circumstances that led to the school being shut down Monday. James Seevakumaran, former student at the university, was found dead early Monday morning after committing suicide in his dorm room according to authorities. Seevakumaran’s roommates detailed strange behavior from the student; however, they attributed the behavior to Seevakumaran’s tendency to keep to himself.

Authorities who later entered the room found numerous explosives they believed to have been constructed by the student in addition to other weapons. The findings are believed to have been intended for a much graver plan in which authorities believe Seevakumaran planned to target a large number of people. The campus police were drawn to the dorm room after being alerted by the man’s roommate after he pointed a gun at him. Prior to threatening his roommate, Seevakumaran set off a fire alarm, which was believed to draw the attention of a bigger crowd. All the students in the dormitory were evacuated and no other injuries were reported. In addition, the university canceled class for a several to ensure the safety of the students.  The investigation is still ongoing.


—Alexis Holliday

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