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MC Hammer, Jermaine Jackson and the Academy Awards have made it into Chris Paul’s “Morning Minute” and trust us, it’s not a good thing!


This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.

Last night was the 85th Annual Academy Awards.  That’s right, Oscar night.  But for black people it was more like Oscar Pistorius night, because we weren’t standing up.

MC Hammer was arrested and charged with obstruction of justice after the police say he was being uncooperative during a traffic stop.  Hammer spent his time in jail telling all the other brothers in his cell, look man, for the last time, you can’t touch this.

Well, it’s official Jermaine Jackson has legally changed his name.  No more Jermaine Jackson, J-A-C-K-S-O-N, uh-uh.  Now it’s Jermaine Jackson, J-A-C-K-S-U-N.  Is that negro crazy?  You can’t change who you are just by changing one letter in your name?  And if you can, then Jermaine Jackson is a real dip-shot.

I’m Chris Paul and this was The Morning Minute.


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