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A 60-year-old White man named, Joe Rickey Hundley is being charged with simple assault for allegedly slapping a 19-month-old baby across the face, urging the child’s adopted mother, Jessica Bennett to “shut that n*gger baby up” on a Delta flight from Minneappolis to Atlanta.

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Bennett told the police that her son, Jonah, ‘started to cry due to the altitude change’ and apparently Hundley couldn’t take the tears as he sat next to the frustrated mother and her sad son. It’s being reported that after hearing the crying, Hundley turned to the child, slapped him across the face with an open hand, causing the child to scream louder while telling Bennett (who is White) to shut her “n*gger baby up.” Maybe, just maybe, because Bennett is White, Hundley felt a little more loose-lipped in how he addressed the child? I’m just trying to wrap my head around this situation.

This isn’t sitting right in my spirit. There’s so many times I’ve wanted to slap another woman’s child while watching them act out in public, but I have this little thing called couth and that keeps me from reacting with foolish behavior. What caused this man to do this? According to Bennett, he’d consumed several double vodkas during the flight and “reeked of alcohol.”

If Hundley is convicted, he faces a maximum of one year in prison. However, he has denied slapping the child as well as using racist language towards him. He also claimed that he asked Bennett to quiet the child. We all know how effective that is, right?!

This isn’t Hundley’s first offense. According to the African Sun Times, “Hundley pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault in a Virginia court in 2007 after he was arrested following a quarrel with his girlfriend. He was first charged with simple assault, carrying a concealed weapon and public intoxication. Hundley told The Smoking Gun that the weapon he was allegedly carrying was a corkscrew.” Obviously Hundley’s actions on the plane aren’t uncharacteristic of some of his actions in the past.

What do you beauties think about this CRAZY story?

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