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Dear Tom,

My mother is a single mom of 4 girls and 2 boys – and she raised us all by herself since my littlest brother was four years old.

All these years, I watched my mom She put her life on hold to bring us up right and always put us first. She was a line worker at the Johnson & Johnson plant for a long time but she is currently on disabilty.

In 2008, my mom went threw a very painful surgery on both her legs. She went through years of rehab – she basically had to learn how to walk again. her perseverence and faith in God helped her get back on her feet and now she is well and able to walk again…but she uses a cane.

She enjoys reading books, playing bingo, watching TV and doing outdoorsy stuff. She lives right by a park but her condition limits her activities. she needs to keep herself off her feet in order to make a 100% recovery But she has had the same old mattress since as long as I can remember.

She told me that she wrote Maury Povich a long time ago asking him for a new bed – but then concluded that he is too busy doing paternity tests, so I thought I would write you a letter.


Chantel Raiford

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