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One evening after work, I walked by a young man who was sitting outside the Metro, strumming an acoustic guitar and singing his heart out for anyone that would listen.  I tried my hardest to ignore him.  Really, I did.  I was tired, my feet hurt, and I told myself I was going to add money to my SmartTrip and “just go home”.  But, something in my spirit would not allow me to ignore the fact that there was something special about this guy.  There he was: looking like a Benetton model, sitting Indian style, with eyes closed and singing straight from his soul.  I was compelled to find out his story and share it.  Please watch the video in it’s entirety and if you see in him what I do, share it. AND IF YOU HAVE A DREAM, PLEASE LIVE IT!

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April Watts Journalist ::  On-Air Personality :: Pop-Culture Analyst “Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream.  If you want something, get up, get out, and go get it.”