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Eugene Jarecki’s new movie The House I Live In should be seen by everybody, because it’s the most important film about the drug war produced to date. Not merely a recitation of the history and statistics demonstrating clearly the pointlessness and tragic results of our nation’s failed war on drugs, it also gives clarity to the ugly truth that what we really have is a war on drug users.

But even that important distinction isn’t what fully elevates this film above the rest. That comes from Jarecki’s exploration of the themes through a very personal and heartbreaking narrative about his own past, and how this personal connection leads him to explore a darker level of drug prohibition that leads to what I’m sure will be a controversial conclusion. Controversial, because of its ultimate truth and implications for our society.

Executive Producers Danny Glover, John Legend, Brad Pitt, and Russell Simmons present a free community screening of the Sundance award-winning documentary “The House I Live In” at the famous Apollo Theater on Thursday October 4.


Here is the trailer…