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It was Imar L. Hutchins, Esq., Morehouse College class of 1992, that started the ruckus with his letter to Robert C. Davidson, Jr., the chairman of the school’s board of trustees.

Morehouse is a historically black college located in Atlanta. The school’s most famous alumnus is probably Martin Luther King, Jr., but that isn’t the only reason Morehouse should be cherished in the heart of every black American.

As an HBCU that is dedicated to educating black men, the importance of Morehouse can’t be overlooked.

That means we can’t overlook Hutchins’ letter to Davidson, either. Hutchins is concerned about Morehouse’s future, about its legacy and about its relevance to a new generation of African-American men.

Hutchins put four specific questions to Davidson about Morehouse’s mission. One of them was, “Should homosexual Morehouse Men be embraced?”

I can’t really believe this is an issue, but Hutchins says it is. (And a note to Hutchins: I believe the preferred term would be “gay men,” brother, not “homosexual men.”)

Gay men clearly have no problem being accepted at Morehouse. In fact, if the things Hutchins says in other parts of his letter are true, then Morehouse can ill afford to turn away academically qualified black applicants that happen to be gay.

So what Hutchins is saying is that gay men routinely get their humps busted at Morehouse. If that’s the case, then the only advice I can give them is what I would give gays – and non-gays – similarly situated.

Bust humps back. End of discussion.

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