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When George Zimmerman‘s wife was arrested for boldly lying in court about she and her husband’s finances, I honestly felt sorry for her just a little bit. Why? Well, Shellie Zimmerman‘s husband made a grave mistake. He chose to shoot unarmed teen, Trayvon Martin, who he felt threatened his life and Zimmerman’s actions changed the course of his life forever. When Shellie and George decided to marry one another, their two separate lives became one.

We may never know what was going through Zimmerman’s head when he shot Trayvon Martin, but one thing he may not have thought about was his other half–the woman that promised to be with him “for better or for worse.” Had he thought about how his actions would change her life, he might have thought twice about pursuing Martin, gun in tow.

Shellie, however, did think about her man after his deadly actions. She wanted to protect him as much as possible, because that’s what a wife does when she’s devoted to her husband and keeping her marriage in tact.

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So now do you see why I feel just a bit sorry for Shellie. She may have lied to the judge about George’s bank account and his passport, but she did so for the protection of her marriage. That’s a true ride or die wife and those types of women are truly rare. Many women will say that they will do whatever it takes to keep their men happy, but that’s not 100% true. Loyalty has its limits. We all define those boundaries differently, but at the end of the day, there’s certain things we’re not willing to bend on.

Shellie Zimmerman’s limits are set high. When she lied under oath, she did so for her husband. When she split up the $200,000 Zimmerman earned from supporters into separate bank accounts to trick the government, she did so for her husband. Most women cannot say that they would do the same. Can you?

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