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After seeing last week’s episode of “Basketball Wives”, you figured you’ve seen it all: the good, the bad and the ugly. Nothing could get much worse on this terrible vacation to Tahiti. After Kesha got the heck out of there, Jen and Kenya finally arrived to the island. Shaunie, Ev and Tami decide they are going to go on a little boat cruise around the island while Suzie decides to stay behind and wait for Jen to arrive. Suzie and Jen have dinner together while Kenya retreats to her room and the other girls go on their boat cruise. Once Shaunie and her crew realizes that Jen and Kenya have arrived, they are curious as to why they didn’t let anyone know they were there. Suzie, of course, tells the other girls that Jen really doesn’t have any intention on speaking to Ev, in spite of the fact that the other girls really want to push them to try and talk about their problems. They decide that they will all try again in the morning.

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The only problem is, when morning rolls around, Kenya and Jen won’t come out of their rooms. They seem to be isolating themselves from the rest of the girls, which upsets Tami and Shaunie especially because they don’t seem to have any problems with Kenya or Jen. After discussing how “fake” Kenya and Jen are for not letting them know they were there, they decide to go and bring Kenya out of her room and invite her to breakfast with them (but they’re really just going to see if they can smell the fishy smell from all the dead fish they put around her room prior to her arrival).

When Kenya joins them for breakfast, she’s has the look in her eye like she’s out for blood. She has tunnel vision and only sees one person, Evelyn. “I had a bottle thrown at me the last time I was around her, so…I’m not gonna be happy,” Kenya says while staring at Ev. Ev kind of apologizes by saying, “What do you want me to say? Sorry for throwing a bottle at you.” I guess in Ev’s world, we’ll accept that as an apology.

Eventually, Kenya finally says she accepts Ev’s apology but admits that it’s going to take her a little while to get over everything. She also tells the girls that she’s a little bit crazy (which we already knew) which may be a warning to everybody else NOT to cross her! SMH

After everything calms down, the girls ask Kenya about Jen and convince her to grab Jen from her room. When Jen emerges into the light, she and Kenya walk over to the restaurant and grab food but don’t stop and say anything to Shanuie or Tami. Shaunie and Tami are confused and walk right over to Jen and ask her why she didn’t speak to them.  “Don’t me mad at me! I’m trying to stay away from the drama. It’s escalated to a point of no return.” Jen tells them, and I can’t say I don’t blame her. I would be trying to stay as far away from the drama also.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t last long because Evelyn decides that she wants to have a discussion with Jen whether Jen wants to or not. “This is not an argument, this is not a fight. This is just to lay out on the table who said what,” Ev says to Jen, but Jen isn’t feeling it and gets up and walks away from the table. Of course, Ev follows her screaming, “You don’t wanna talk about it now, but you’re on Twitter tough-talking?”

Jen’s only response is, “Keep listening to the lies” as she goes back into her room and closes the door.

Ugh, it will never be a peaceful day at the beach with these girls. SMH

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