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As if Lala’s life couldn’t get more perfect, on the season finale of “Lala’s Full Court Life”, she finally figures out how to balance her career and her relationship with Melo. Their careers are so busy that they seem to keep missing each other. “This kind of stuff is fine for a minute but it’s obvious that at this point, we can’t keep this up,” she tells Po and Dice. They’ve decided to extend their stay in Miami since Mel won’t be home as planned, and La doesn’t want to sit in her house and twiddle her thumbs while her hubby is away. In order to cheer La up, the girls decide to go and party, after all,  whats a vacay in Miami without one good party?

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After a night of clubbing, the crew goes to breakfast. La’s friend Charlemagne is there and asks her about Mel. “I’m finding out now there is such a thing as too much space,” La La tells Charlemagne. He responds with, “You’ve been married long enough to know how the NBA season goes,” which is very true but it still doesn’t stop La from being sad and missing her husband.

After breakfast, La takes Po, Dice and Kiyan out jet skiing and at this moment, she’s really missing Mel because she wants him to be there to see Kiyan having this much fun. “I’ve come to the conclusion that you’ve just got to suck it up! This is my life, this is how I chose it to be. I have a career, Mel has a career, and we just gotta figure it out.”

When La returns back to New  York, she has a surprise waiting for her: its Mel!  He’s returned home earlier than expected to surprise his wife. “I missed you!” she tells him. “I’m so glad to be back. Wanna go upstairs and have some fun?” she asks. Of course Mel responds with, “Hell, yeah.”

And this, ladies and gentleman, is why we love Lala and Carmelo Anthony. Perfect end to a perfect season to Lala’s perfect life!

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