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LisaRaye McCoy–one third of the leading ladies in Vh1′s “Single Ladies” recently did an interview with HuffingtonPost and opens up about the critics of “Single Ladies,” her friendship with ex cast mate, Stacey Dash and doing another reality show. Check out some of the highlights below.

And with success, of course, comes critics. What are your thoughts on media outlets who dubbed season one, “embarrassing.”

F**k’em! Let them write a show and come up with what they want to see. Until then, the people who love it, tune in.

While shooting this season, was there anything that you missed about Stacey Dash being involved with the show?

I miss my friend, because Stacey and I are friends as well, before we came to the show and after. So as a fellow actor, as an artist, of course I miss the chemistry that she and I have. But again, this is a job and this is my profession so I have been hired to do my job and I’m committed to doing that. And I believe that I do it well. I’m excited that the season is taking off the way that it is, I’m excited that Denise has joined the cast and I’m excited about the chemistry that all three of us have now. Everybody wants to be here. So that’s half the battle won right there, is when you want to be here then you get a better product. It’s not as heavy as it was last year, by no means. The synergy is there and we’re making a good product.

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Have you reached out to Stacey since she parted ways with the show?

I did. We said Happy New Years to each other during New Years. And then I believe after that, I reached out to her one other time, but I want to say that I think she changed her number. But the last time that we actually communicated was New Years … One argument doesn’t break up a friendship unless it was something that was so personal, and it wasn’t personal, it was work related. We were tired, it was what it was and we moved past that. So I think that if either one of us held out against each other, we both would be fools, it’s not that serious.

Aside from “Single Ladies” can fans expect a third season of your reality show, The Real McCoy?

We’re in talks about it right now, so I think so. I just couldn’t get around to it this year because “Single Ladies” started a little bit earlier, and the season was little bit longer. I was so tired, but as you can tell, I’m not lacking any drama in my life, that’s for sure. [Laughs] TV One has been like family to me and I’ve been the darling of TV One. I raised their number higher than any program in their history. So with that said, I think we form a great partnership. If there’s room and time for me to come back and we can come to some agreement, then I’m there. If you don’t see me then you know damn well that they didn’t come with nothing.

Watch The “Single Ladies” Season 2 Supertrailer below!

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