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A few weeks ago, author and mom blogger Denene Millner of questioned the venom that greeted news of Sheree Whitfield’s imminent departure from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

The internet was full of “RHOA” fans gleefully celebrating the end of Whitfield’s reality TV career – at least on that show – because of all the drama she created. Millner wrote that she couldn’t understand why people were so happy to see a struggling single mother out of a job. Laughably, Whitfield’s reason for leaving was that she wanted to no longer be a part of the fighting and cattiness that she herself was usually a part of. While agreeing that Whitfield often contributed to her own problems, Millner thought people should show more compassion to a mother of two that now has to figure out her options. Though Whitfield’s reality TV run should give her more options than most, Millner’s take on it got us thinking about moms who need some career intervention. These are moms who are in transition, figuring out their next moves or trying to change their public images. Here’s our take on moms in the public eye that most need to make some changes.


The 42-year-old single mother says that she will start a fitness business now that her abysmal clothing line She By Sheree has run its course. While Whitfield tried to take the high road, saying that she wanted no more of the “RHOA” drama, blogger Perez Hilton says otherwise, claiming that “sources” said that Sheree was jealous of Kim and Nene, her fitness business wasn’t promoted despite promotional tie-ins for other stars of the show and she was offered less money than the rest of the cast. At this point, if Sheree wants to continue a career in entertainment, she should take what little goodwill she has left and apply it to becoming a fitness guru for black women. Since reality TV cycles stars from show to show, maybe Whitfield should consider “The Biggest Loser” “Survivor” or even “The Amazing Race” to showcase her health new venture.


Since winning an Oscar ten years ago for “Monster’s Ball,” Berry, 45, has had her share of ups and downs. Her career has been mostly down, as her movie choices are less and less successful. Her relationship with Gabriel Aubry produced a daughter Nahla, now 4, but since their breakup the couple has fought bitterly over custody and child support. Though she once said she’d never remarry, Berry recently acknowledged an engagement to French actor Olivier Martinez, and the couple seems happy. Though Berry’s public image has taken a beating from the publicity over the court cases with her baby daddy, paparazzi continue to shadow her every move and this week, Berry was photographed apparently cursing them out at her daughter’s school. She still looks great, but Berry needs to find a quality movie project to return her career to the heights she once achieved.

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